The MEAN WELL NTN-5K Unidirectional Inverter Series

24 May 2024
MEAN WELL NTN-5K series for Australian Microgrid & Power Conversion OEM

MEAN WELL understands the ever-growing need for organisations and households to become more sustainable, recognizing that micro-grid systems becoming more and more available require various energy generation and capturing systems with the need to be reliable, safe and quick when systems need to switch over.

**NTN-5K Series is expected to arrive on Australian shores in late July/early August 2024. For any questions, please speak with the MEAN WELL Australia team today!**

Key Takeaways

  • Unidirectional Inverter with 5000W Output.
  • Charging & UPS Modes, >10ms switchover from mains to battery power.
  • Parallel Synchronisation, links up to 5 additional units for a maximum output of 30,000W.
  • ModBus Communications provides control across an array of parameters
  • Protections include reverse polarity, DC low alarm, overvoltage, short circuit, overload and overtemperature, with a 10,000W peak power rating.

MEAN WELL introduces the NTN-5K series, a DC-AC unidirectional sinewave inverter with a 5000W output when combined with batteries, providing users with the much-needed versatility between high-powered charging and efficient on-demand energy conversion.

The NTN-5K series provides users with charging and UPS modes, with charging mode providing high-powered charge from alternative power generation, whilst simultaneously providing operations with mains power. The latter UPS mode can be triggered by the system to swap power supply seamlessly from mains to emergency energy storage quickly under 10ms.


MEAN WELL NTN-5K series DC/AC bidirectional sine wave inverter


Control is at users’ fingertips, with the NTN-5K featuring Modbus RTU communications to control various parameters to suit the user's needs. Additionally, The NTN-5K series features scaling capabilities, with the parallel synchronizations feature, allowing users to sync five additional units together to create a maximum output of up to 30,000W. 3 units can also be configured in a 3 phase arrangement.


The NTN-5K system provides users with various input protections, from reverse polarity, DC low alarm and overvoltage, and output protections such as short circuit, overload and over temperature. Additionally, the NTN-5k has a 10KW peak power rating.


NTN-5K series is a DC/AC Bidirectional Sinewave Inverter solution for in-house micro-grid power conversion systems
The MEAN WELL NTN-5K Series is a great asset for power conversion systems


The NTN-5K series isn’t just applicable to in-house microgrid systems for organisations but can be applied across the board to any off-grid system, from yachts, green energy, telecommunication systems, datacom systems and more.


If your organisation develops ESS and PCS systems for various microgrid systems, the MEAN WELL Australia team is here to help. We specialise in power for industrial and commercial applications and are ready to help you find a solution that is the right fit for your application.

We understand your organisation may design products in Australia but manufacture offshore. In this case, we are here to help. MEAN WELL Australia can help get your product to market in the following ways:   

  • Provide technical advice and support in selecting the most suitable products for your application. 

  • Supplying small quantity orders for product evaluation.  

  • Introduction to a MEAN WELL office that is closest to your production location, so that you can be sure your operation benefits from competitive pricing and have peace of mind that all items supplied are genuine MEAN WELL products.  


If you’d like to learn more about how the MEAN WELL NTN-5K Series can be implemented into your organisation's micro-grid power conversion system, contact the MEAN WELL Australia Team on 1300 632 693 or send an inquiry here.