MEAN WELL Variable Frequency Drives for Industrial Gates, Shutters and Doors DC Motors  

26 April 2024
MEAN WELL VFD for Garage Door DC Motors

Controlling the speed of a motor for a garage door can improve the torque, reduce overheating and in turn reduce the wear and tear of the motor and extend the lifetime of the motor.

 In response to the global shift towards energy efficiency and sustainability, MEAN WELL has developed a series of variable frequency drives (VFDs) for DC brushless motors, commonly used in gates, doors, and shutters, enhancing power efficiency for OEMs in this sector.

MEAN WELL VFD for DC brushless motors for automated gates
MEAN WELL VFD for DC brushless motors for automated gates


Variable frequency drives, or variable speed drives (VSDs) are typically used to maintain control of electric motors within industrial applications. The VFD system concept is simple. The VFD works as a gate, controlling the input voltage to a motor, the higher the input voltage the faster the motor runs, less input voltage and the motor slows down.


This method provides you with control of the motor's speed and torque, enabling heavy payloads, such as fire shutters, industrial doors, and gates to be run safely, with the added ability to respond to stop and open & shut commands.

MEAN WELL VFD for electric DC motorised arms for automated gates
DC Brushless Motors can be found in various gate motor applications


MEAN WELL VFD Technical Specs

The MEAN WELL VFD-150 to VFD-350P models are designed for lower voltage units, catering to smaller motors with a maximum capacity of 48V. These models accept DC input voltage. On the other hand, the mid to higher-tier models, ranging from VFD-250P to VFD-750C, are suitable for motors up to 240V and accept AC input voltage. Furthermore, all models that accept AC input voltage come with a built-in Power Factor Correction (PFC) feature. MEAN WELL’s variable frequency is ideal for controlling DC brushless motors.

MEAN WELL VFD-750C-230 comes housed within a metal enclosure


All MEAN WELL VFD models are suitable for 3-phase power.


The MEAN WELL VFDs are compact, enabling manufacturers to conveniently install them within the confines of a motor’s housing, thereby optimising the use of internal space. Models designed for lower to mid-range voltages are essentially PCB-type boards. In contrast, those intended for higher voltage ranges are securely encased in a robust metal housing.

MEAN WELL VFD-150P-48 has as PCB type power supply
MEAN WELL VFD-150P-48 is PCB-type fitting comfortably within a DC motor housing


It should be noted that the MEAN WELL VFDs are designed to be integrated with an external control processor or PWM speed controller.



The MEAN WELL VFDs are a cost-effective solution for OEM designs. Being a compact device, these VFDs are suitable for most conventional door motor applications requiring up to 240V. When paired alongside your application’s controller or PWM, the MEAN WELL VFD can be tailored to your application's specific needs.

If your organisation designs and builds motors for doors, shutters and gates, the MEAN WELL Australia team is here to help. We specialise in power for industrial and commercial applications and are ready to help you find a solution that is the right fit for your application.

We understand your organisation may design products in Australia but manufacture offshore. In this case, we are here to help. MEAN WELL Australia can help get your product to market in the following ways: 

  • Provide technical advice and support in selecting the most suitable products for your application. 

  • Supplying small quantity orders for product evaluation. 

  • Introduction to a MEAN WELL office that is closest to your production location, so that you can be sure your operation benefits from competitive pricing and have peace of mind that all items supplied are genuine MEAN WELL products. 

** Note: The MEAN WELL VFD Series is a new product to MEAN WELL Australia and is ready for your inquiry, however, our teams are still in the process of listing on our site. Please contact the MEAN WELL Australia team and we can send a data sheet at your request. **

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