Power Supplies with High Peak Capacity for DC Motors

13 July 2022
High peak capacity power supplies for DC motors

MEAN WELL’s new HRP-N3 series of high reliability power supplies give you a peak power capacity of up to 350%.

This is ideal for any application using DC motors, whether it be a coffee machine or an industrial robot. 

MEAN WELL HRP-150N3 Series Power Supply
MEAN WELL HRP-150N3 Series Power Supply


There are 3 different series available: 

Series Peak Power Capacity
HRP-150N3 300%
HRP-300N3 350%
HRP-600N3 350%


All are available with either a 12V, 24V, 36V, or 48V DC output. The output voltages can be adjusted by up to +/- 15% via a built-in potentiometer.  

These power supplies have been designed with high quality capacitors that extend the life of the power supply.   

Another feature that contributes to the reliability of these power supplies is that they have been tested to withstand 5G of vibration.  

All MEAN WELL’s HRP series power supplies come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.  

They can also withstand a 300VAC input surge for 5 seconds, so are less prone to failure caused by spikes in the incoming AC supply.   

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