120W High Efficiency Power Adapter

Meanwell GST120A Power Adapter

3 Pole AC IEC Inlet
No load PWR < 0.15W
Energy efficiency Level VI
Class I Power Supply
High operating temp: +70ºC
LED Power On Indictator

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Model GST120A12-R7B GST120A15-R7B GST120A48-R7B GST120A20-P1M GST120A24-P1M GST120A48-P1M


Voltage 12 15 48 20 24 48
Current (A) 8.5 7 2.5 6 5 2.5
Power 102W 105W 120W 120W 120W 120W


Efficiency 88.5% 89% 91% 89% 89.5% 90.5%


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