Switch Mode Power Supplies

31 August 2021
Switchmode power supply. Meanwell RS sereis

MEAN WELL is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of standard switch mode power supplies.

By standard switch mode power supply, we mean a product that is available off the shelf and not custom built for any one particular application.

MEAN WELL 15 WATT Switch Mode Power Supply
MEAN WELL 15 WATT Switch Mode Power Supply



Some specifications of MEAN WELLs 'of the shelf' switch mode power supplies can be modified to suit your application. A minimum order quantity normally applies, usually around 300 pcs and naturally a lead time is involved as your power supplies from are built to order.

MEAN WELL 10,000 WATT Switch Mode Power Supply


For most applications we think you will find a power supply that meets your requirements from the MEAN WELL product range. In fact we have one of the widest range of switch mode power supplies available from any one manufacturer.

In most cases there will be no minimum order quantity and one or more of our MEAN WELL Australia partners will have stock on the shelf.