Quality KNX Power Supply at a Sensible Price

5 September 2016
KNX Power Supply KNX-20E

Since launching the KNX-20E KNX power supply, customers are already telling us what great value it is.

MEAN WELL has a very strong focus and global reputation for manufacturing quality, reliable power supplies at an affordable price.

This is certainly true of the MEAN WELL KNX-20E. Initial feedback from our customers in Australia is that the cost of the KNX-20E power supply is significantly cheaper than many of its rivals.

When it comes to MEAN WELL power supplies you don’t have to worry that you are sacrificing quality for price. You are not.

MEAN WELL is the world’s largest standard switch mode power supply manufacturer and has been producing power supplies for more than 30 years. MEAN WELL has the capacity to produce 54 million power supplies annually from their 3 factories, with 96% of all production now being done in China. These economies of scale enable MEAN WELL to deliver a quality reliable power supply at a sensible price.

A standard switch mode power supply cannot be used in a KNX system.

The new 20 Watt KNX-20E power supply from MEAN WELL has been specifically designed to power a standard KNX system.

The below diagram shows a standard power supply installed in a simple KNX system that is being used to control the remote opening and closing of a blind.

KNX installation using standard switch mode power supply

When a standard switch mode power supply is used, the initial signal (the active pulse) would be transmitted, but the actuator wouldn’t be able receive and transmit subsequent command signals. This is because the signal is not a complete and proper KNX signal.

The MEAN WELL KNX-20E power supply has in integrated choke. When the button transmits the active pulse signal onto the Bus, the choke enables the KNX Power supply to immediately respond with an equalisation pulse, as shown in the below diagram:


KNX installtion using KNX power supply


The active and equalisation pulse is then combined to create the correct signal representing “0” in the digital world. The combined waveform should be finished within 104 μsec, which is equivalent 10 kHz followed, with another combined waveform for “0” or no waveform (just 30 Vdc) for “1” in the next 104 μsec. Such “0” & ”1” sequential numbering represents the actual function/command from the button to the targeted actuator of the blind system. As result, this simple KNX system now operates properly.

The MEAN WELL KNX-20E power supply is available through the MEAN WELL Australia sale representatives listed adjacent to this article.

If you have any questions about the KNX-20E power supply please do not hesitate to contact MEAN WELL Australia.