Protecting Building Automation Systems From Hackers

13 July 2022
Protecting Building Automation Systems from Hackers

With the growth in demand for smart homes and building automation in Australia, more functions are being controlled by networked intelligent control systems.

Security is always a critical concern for homeowners and building occupiers. 

Unsecured systems are vulnerable to attack by malicious hackers, threatening your user’s personal data and property.   

Hacking incidents could be prevented by simply using the right hardware in the installation. 
KNX provides a solution to this smart building security challenge.  

MEAN WELL offers several KNX products with KNX Data Secure, such as the KAA-8R-S and KAA-4R4V-S actuators.



These are ideal for switching lighting air conditioning systems, or shutter & blinds, etc.   

The MEAN WELL PWM-200-KN is a powerful constant voltage LED driver, which can be connected TO A KNX Bus line and be controlled by KNX commands directly. 

MEAN WELL PWM-200KN Series LED Driver
MEAN WELL PWM-200KN Series LED Driver


Since data is transmitted in a secure way, your user’s environment and personal information are protected from a hacking attack.  
A simple but insightful introduction of KNX security setup with MEAN WELL KNX LED driver is provided in the following video: 

KNX Data Secure

If you have any questions about our range of KNX products, you are more than welcome to contact MEAN WELL Australia.