New Modular Medical Power Supplies

8 May 2018
Medical Power Supply

MEAN WELL is pleased to announce the release of a new range of intelligent modular medical power supplies.

The demand for ever more advanced medical devices is set to grow as many countries around the world grapple with an ageing population.

MEAN WELL has a strong commitment to research and development and has introduced a new range of medical grade modular power supplies, with various intelligent control functions.

The new NMP series medical power supplies have a modular design like that of other MEAN WELL modular power supplies.

There are two front end rectifiers to choose from:


650 Watts


1200 Watts


The NMP650 has four slots for output modules, whereas the NMP1K2 has 6 slots.

This modular design allows you to set and modify the output voltage, current and wattage according to your needs. 

The MEAN WELL NMP series is equipped with several intelligent control functions, such as voltage and current control, remote power on and off, over temperature warning and DC OK signal.

For example, the output voltage and current can be remotely trimmed by applying an external voltage, allowing you to vary the power output from the power supply in response to an analogue output from a programmable analogue controller or PLC.

There is also a remote sense function which compensates for voltage drop.

These features are ideal for medical applications, where the power supply needs to be controlled and monitored remotely via a smart control device.

For optimum temperature control the fan speed is automatically adjusted via the power supply’s internal temperature detection function.

The 1U ultra slim design gives you a remarkable power density, so the power supply doesn’t consume any unnecessary real estate.

As for certification, the new MEAN WELL NMP series power supplies meet medical safety regulation IEC 60601-1, and the circuitry has been designed in accordance with IT industry regulations IEC 62368-1. It meets requirements for ITE and 2 x MOPP dual safety.

For added peace of mind the MEAN WELL NMP medical power supplies are backed by a five-year warranty.

For further information please contact MEAN WELL Australia.