New Fanless Power Supplies for Outdoor LED Signs

8 May 2018

MEAN WELL has launched a new range of Ultra Slim High-Performance fan-less power supplies.

These new power supplies boast a wide range of useful features including:

  • Ultra-Slim and Low-Profile Design
  • Fanless Cooling
  • High Efficiency
  • Vibration and Moisture Resistant

There are three different power output options to choose from:


Typical Power Output*

UHP-200 (R)

200 Watts

UHP-350 (R)

350 Watts

UHP-500 (R)

500 Watts

*check data sheet for actual model selected.


Ultra slim low profile MEAN WELL power supply

The MEAN WELL UHP series power supplies have an ultra-slim and low-profile enclosure. This means that these power supplies weigh less than others, and take up less space inside the LED panel.


Fan-less MEAN WELL power supplies

The UHP series power supplies also have a fanless design. Not only does this reduce noise and vibration, making your LED sign panel silent in operation, it also prevents moisture and dust being drawn into the power supply, which has the potential to result in a premature failure.

This is a particularly useful feature if you are designing a LED sign panel to mount outdoors. Fan cooled power supplies can draw damp air into the unit, causing condensation to form inside the power supply. This can result in a failure, which is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

These power supplies are designed to conduct heat away through the metal surfaces, on which they are mounted. The product data sheet stipulates the required mounting area to ensure adequate cooling.


High efficiency power supplies

The high efficiency design of the UHP series means less energy is wasted through heat loss. This is particularly important as site owners and operators are always looking for reductions in energy costs.


Vibration resistant MEAN WELL power supplies

All models are half potted to protect the vital components from exposure to moisture and dust. This potting also ensures that the power supplies are vibration resistant.

The UHP series power supplies are backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact your local MEAN WELL sales representative.