New 2300-Watt Rugged Power Supply

13 July 2022
2300 WATT Rugged Power Supplies

MEAN WELL HEP series of rugged power supplies have been expanded to include models with a nominal power output of 2300 WATTS.

The actual power output depends on the model selected. 

MEAN WELL HEP-2300 Series Power Supply
MEAN WELL HEP-2300 Series Power Supply


There are 4 output voltages available: 55V, 115V, 230V, or 380V DC.  

The output voltages can be adjusted via the built-in potentiometer within the ranges listed below: 

Output Voltage Adjustment Range
55V DC 39~57.6V DC
115V DC  90 ~ 138V DC
230V DC  170 ~ 260V DC
380V DC 260 ~ 400V DC

In addition to this both the output voltage and output current can be trimmed by applying an external voltage signal, allowing these power supplies to be integrated into a higher-level control system. When using this method, the voltage adjustment range is 50~120% of the rated output. The output current can be adjusted within a range of 20~100%.  

The 55V output model is available with 3 connection options: screw terminals, circular connectors (IP66), or wires (IP67). Whereas the other models have two connection options: screw terminals or wires (IP67). 

These power supplies are also available with optional CANBus or PMBus. You can also opt for Modbus on the 55V model.

Please contact MEAN WELL Australia if you are interested in either of these options as a minimum order quantity may apply. 

The 55V model can also be set up to operate as a battery charger, using the SBP-001 battery charger programmer, or the PMBus or CANBus interface (if available). 

The HEP-2300 series power supplies are suitable for harsh use in harsh environments where dust, moisture, and high levels of vibration may be present.  

This makes them ideal for many applications including battery charging, communications base stations, in production and process machinery and HF amplifiers.  

All models come with a 6-year manufacturer’s warranty.