Need a Reliable Power Supply? Insist on MEAN WELL

9 September 2021

You may already know that MEAN WELL has a solid reputation for manufacturing reliable power supplies.

The company was founded in 1982 by Mr. Jerry Lin, who started out manufacturing power supplies for Apple and IBM.

In 1986 Jerry started to produce a range of standard switch mode power supplies under the MEAN WELL brand. This name was chosen as Jerry had good intentions to do the right thing by his customers. Namely to produce high quality power supplies at an affordable price.  

Mr Jerry Lin - Founder of MEAN WELL


From that day on, MEAN WELL has had a strong focus on quality, reliability, and partnering with distributors who offer good customer service.  

There are many companies offering power supplies that look very similar to MEAN WELL’s power supplies. In fact, many people think that they have a power supply that has been manufactured by MEAN WELL and rebadged.  

This is not the case. MEAN WELL do not rebadge their power supplies.  

It is not too difficult to manufacture a metal enclosure that is very similar to that of a MEAN WELL power supply. It is what you cannot see that matters.  

Even though a power supply may look identical to a MEAN WELL on the outside, the electronics inside are very likely to be completely different. Poor quality components may have been used and the assembly may have been done by hand at a low-cost manufacturing location. 

Power supplies that have been released by MEAN WELL over the last few years have been designed with the latest components and are manufactured at MEAN WELL’s state of the art manufacturing facilities.  

So don’t be fooled.  

If you want a reliable power supply insist on MEAN WELL. 

If you have any questions about MEAN WELL power supplies, please contact MEAN WELL Australia