MEAN WELL Powers Winning Solar Vehicle

31 August 2021

MEAN WELL’s CAN bus Battery Charger powered the winner of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, TU Eindhoven Stella Era.

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC) has been the world’s most important solar vehicle event since its inauguration in 1987.  

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge with TU Eindhoven Stella Era
Bridgestone World Solar Challenge
with TU Eindhoven Stella Era


During the last three decades, many sustainable solar solutions have been presented to the world at BWSC, and it continues to attract the brightest minds from all around the world.  

Traversing 3,000km from Darwin to Adelaide, teams comprise of tertiary and secondary students from over 30 countries. Each attempting to travel more than 3000 kilometers in 6 days with vehicles using less than six square meters of solar panels. 

The “Stella Era” designed and built by Solar Team Eindhoven from Eindhoven University of Technology of the Netherlands incorporates 3 of MEAN WELL’s DBU-3200 high efficiency programmable chargers

MEAN WELL DBU-3200 Battery Charger
MEAN WELL DBU-3200 Battery Charger


The combination of programmability, light weight design and high efficiency of the DBU-3200 battery chargers resulted in the “Stella Era” achieving optimal charging performance during each short break of the BWSC competition. 

Solar Team Eindhoven’s engineers collaborated with MEAN WELL Europe so that the DBU-3200 battery chargers were configurated to comply with the BWSC regulations.  

Solar Team Eindhoven’s Engineers


MEAN WELL’S “Current Sharing” function enabled three compact 3.2KW DBU-3200 chargers to be connected in parallel to charge the battery of Stella Era in the shortest time possible, and the built-in CAN Bus communication protocol allowed the young engineers to precisely control the charging current at every given moment during the competition. 

According to Daniel Stekelenburg, System Architect Electrical Engineering of Solar Team Eindhoven: “The charger worked perfectly during the challenge and I am certain that our car had the lightest and most efficient charger of all cruiser teams.” 

The sponsorship and technical support offered by MEAN WELL was greatly appreciated by the Solar Team Eindhoven engineers. Mr. Stekelenburg said “We could not have done it without MEAN WELL; the balance of efficiency, light weight and controllability performed exactly what we were looking for”

The winning result proves once more that MEAN WELL brings guaranteed success in battery powered electronics! 

MEAN WELL is devoted to supporting scientific projects in various ways, such as sponsoring power application projects or research.  

Aiming to enhance the performance of power electronics in the field, MEAN WELL regularly takes part in both academic and individual projects. 

“Supporting Solar Team Eindhoven is just one of the many examples of investments we made in the next generation“, says Coleman Liu, General Manager of MEAN WELL Europe, “Our future relies on young engineers, MEAN WELL would not hesitate to pass down our expertise and experience to those talented youngsters”. 

If you are based in Australia and looking for a flexible and highly efficient battery charging solution, then please do not hesitate to contact MEAN WELL Australia for technical advice and support. 

Author: Danby Ma / MWEU Sales Department 
Editor: Stephen Lilley / MEAN WELL Australia