MEAN WELL Powers Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) Synchrotron

9 September 2021

The Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) synchrotron is powered by a high-power MEAN WELL rackmount power system.

The system supplies DC power for the RF amplifier system within the synchrotron. It provides ultra-high energy for electrons to be accelerated to near light speed.  

Overview of the Synchrotron 

The following image shows a common ring structure of a synchronous (electron) accelerator. The inner ring is a booster ring, and the outer is a storage ring from which multiple experimental stations branch out. 


The following image gives you an idea of the scale of the installation. 

The ultra-high brightness and wide bandwidth spectrum of light sources (far-infrared to hard X-ray) generated by the synchrotron, make it an indispensable tool for leading-edge fundamental scientific research in the field of biomedical technology and in industrial applications.  

It has contributed to the development of lithium materials achieving longer lasting battery life, which is essential to the development of electric vehicles. It also helps to develop a deeper understanding of nanotechnology, which is a key to the development of semiconductor materials and biomedical products. 

MEAN WELL’s High Power Integrated Rack Mount Power Solution 

This project uses multiple sets of 96kW high-power power supply systems. 

The output from the power system drives the solid-state RF power amplifier clusters. 

This generates high-frequency energy for boosting electrons to travel at nearly the speed of light. The maximum DC power output of the whole system is up to 800kW! 

To match the RF power required by the storage ring and for best power efficiency, the output voltage of the power system must be adjustable within a modulation range of 42Vdc to 54Vdc, so that each operating point receives the specific RF power level required to achieve best results.  

The MEAN WELL DRP-3200-48 rack mount power supplies are available with a built in CANBus interface for digital communications, this is used to precisely trim the voltage output. 

During experiments, the bus voltage of each set of power systems needs to be adjusted synchronously where they are not connected in parallel. The accuracy of the output power is limited to +/- 1% after trimming. This requires a power supply with digital control. The DRP-3200-48’s CANBus interface allows for the remote control and monitoring of the system via Ethernet. 
Another important factor that led to the DRP-3200-48s being selected is its extremely high efficiency, which is vital for energy savings and environmental protection. An increase of 0.5% in efficiency of every single power supply in an 800kW system, will bring substantial economic savings and environmental benefits over the lifetime of its operation. 

Components of the MEAN WELL Rack Mount Power System 

Each 96kW system consists of the following components: 

40 x DRP-3200-48 rack mount power supplies 
10 x DHP-1UT power supply rack shelves 
1 x CMU2 power controller 
1 x 19” rack  Not supplied by MEAN WELL Australia 

Benefits of MEAN WELL’s rack mount power system 

As a fully Integrated solution MEAN WELL’s rack mount power system supports digital communication, which enables key parameters of the power system to be controlled and monitored remotely via the CMU2 controller. 

Each of the DRP-3200-48 power supplies can be hot swapped allowing for easy maintenance. 

This solution can be scaled from 12.8kW to 128kW, making it suitable for different industries and applications. 

For further information on rack mount power systems please contact MEAN WELL Australia

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