MEAN WELL Power Supplies With UPS Function

6 September 2021

MEAN WELL produces a range of switch mode power supplies that have been specifically designed for use in UPS applications.

These are referred to in most MEAN WELL brochures and catalogues as the ‘Security Series’.

Why ‘Security Series’? Well this is one of the most common applications they are used in. However, this range of power supplies is perfect for use in any UPS type of application, where you need to trickle charge a battery and have the battery power switch in automatically when the AC drops off.

MEAN WELL’s security series power supplies are available in two form factors; DIN Rail power supply, or enclosed type power supply.

The DIN rail mount DRC series is available in 40W, 60W and 100W models, with two output options available, A or B.

MEAN WELL DIN Rail Power Supply with UPS Function
MEAN WELL DIN Rail Power Supply with UPS Function


A is a 13.8V output, which makes is a 12V power supply when in operation.

B is a 27.6V output, effectively 24V when in operation.

The DRC has alarm signal outputs for AC OK, and Battery low.

The enclosed type power supplies are available in models ranging from 35W ~ 155W. This range gives you more flexibility as there both single output and dual output power supplies available.

MEAN WELL Enclosed Power Supply with UPS Function
MEAN WELL Enclosed Power Supply with UPS Function


Other features, such as DC alarm signals and temperature compensation are available within the range.

Data sheets for MEAN WELL’s UPS function power supplies can be downloaded from the MEAN WELL Australia website.

Contact MEAN WELL Australia should you require assistance in selecting the best power supply for your particular application.