MEAN WELL Battery Chargers

4 November 2021
MEAN WELL Battery Charger PB-230

MEAN WELL offers a good range of battery chargers suitable for many applications in Australia.

Models range from 230 Watts through to 1000 Watts and are suitable for a wide range of applications.

In fact the PB-600-12 is used by a global beverage manufacturer in Australia to keep the batteries charged on refrigerated trucks when the engine isn’t running, so that your drinks stay fresh!

MEAN WELL PB-600 Battery Charger
MEAN WELL PB-600 Battery Charger


The PB-600 and PB-1000 are available with an optional CANBus interface. This is ideal for applications such as mobility equipment, where close monitoring of the battery charging status is required.

The CanBus interface allows you set the required charging curve and monitor the charging status of batteries, giving you an intelligent battery charging system. Settable parameters include; pre-charge voltage values, pre-charge current values, state-changing points, constant current values, constant voltage values, floating charge voltage values, charge cut-off, and the timing of all the above charging settings.

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Battery Chargers

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