How To Achieve a 110VDC Output with MEAN WELL Power Supplies

3 November 2022
110V power supplies

Many applications require a 110VDC power source.

Although MEAN WELL does not manufacture many power supplies with a 110VDC output, you can simply place two 48V power supplies in series and adjust the voltage up to 55v each. 

We recommend that you add diodes externally to prevent any risk of reverse voltage damage, as per the following diagram. When using DIN rail power supplies in series, one supply may start before the other. The power supply that is slow to start will have a reverse voltage across its output terminals until it starts up. This reverse voltage could damage the components in the output stage if there is no reverse voltage protection. 


Most applications win Australia require a DIN rail power supply. 

The 48V models of MEAN WELL NDR, SDR, TDR, and WDR series DIN rail power supplies can all be adjusted up to 55V. 

MEAN WELL NDR-120 Power Supply
NDR Series, Economical


MEAN WELL SDR-240 power supply
SDR Series, Power Factor Correction


MEAN WELL WDR-480 Power Supply
WDR Series, Wide Input / 2 Phase


MEAN WELL TDR-960 power supply
TDR Series, 3 Phase

Please do not hesitate to contact MEAN WELL Australia, if you have any questions about connecting power supplies in series.