Economical 450W & 600W Enclosed Power Supplies

3 November 2022
New Power Supplies

MEAN WELL has expanded the LRS range of low-cost enclosed power supplies by adding 2 new series with higher power outputs: 

MEAN WELL LRS-450 power supply
MEAN WELL LRS-450 Series Power Supply


MEAN WELL LRS-600 Series Power Supply
MEAN WELL LRS-600 Series Power Supply


The LRS series power supplies are a no fuss option that is exceptionally reliable.   

These power supplies use the latest electronic components in their design, which when produced on MEAN WELL’s advanced automated production gives you a power supply that is remarkably affordable, even compared to some of MEAN WELL’s other power supplies.   

You will not find MEAN WELL’s advanced features in the LRS range.   

For example, the AC input range is set by a slide switch, not auto ranging like other models. And there is no current sharing function, so you cannot connect these in parallel.   

By keeping the design of these power supplies simple, MEAN WELL has kept the cost as low as possible.   

The other benefit of using the latest components is the compact size of these units.   

They are perfect for any application, where space is at a premium.  

The one thing MEAN WELL has not cut back is reliability. The LRS series power supplies come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

For further information, please contact MEAN WELL Australia