Coming Soon MEAN WELL Power Supplies with Advanced Control Capacities

5 July 2019
New product from MEAN WELL Australia

MEAN WELL expects to release the new CMU2 power controller before the end of 2019. 

MEAN WELL CMU2 Power Supply Controller

The CMU2 is an advanced controller, for use with MEAN WELL’s latest generation of digitalised rack mount power supplies. It offers a higher level of functionality over MEAN WELL’s existing controllers, incorporating features such as optimised human-machine interface via the touch panel, diversified data formats (ex. chart analysis; report analysis, etc.), network technologies (Web; TCP/IP; cloud), increased IoT interface function scalability, and integrated control over various types of power products.  

The below diagram depicts how the CMU2 can provide full integrated system power in a plant propagation application: 

Application example MEAN WELL DRP-3200 digital power supplies

Advantages of MEAN WELL’s Digitalised Power Supplies 

Many conventional switch mode power supplies incorporate some level of analogue control, such as being able to adjust the power supply’s output via an analogue voltage signal. This has the advantage of being a low cost, simple design and giving a fast response.  

However, there are some disadvantages, such as being limited in application, and the inability to integrate into complex power systems via a simple interface. It is also difficult to fine-tune the compensation of the control loop.  

Digitalised power supplies have a programmable power management interface, which allows you to set up different operating modes and control parameters via software, to meet the needs of different applications.  

The below table sets out the advantages of digitalised power supplies over conventional analogue controlled units. 

  Digitalised Power Supply Analogue Power Supply
Efficiency High Lower
Power Density High Lower
Physical Size Compact Larger
Component Count Less More
Reliability Excellent Fairly Good
HMI Capability Yes None
Control / Monitoring Easy Possible, but difficult


The MEAN WELL DRP/DBR-3200 Series Digital Power Supplies 

The DRP-3200 series power supplies and DBR-3200 series battery chargers combine high efficiency with a 1U low profile to give you a high-power density of up to 37W/inch3. 

They feature built-in PMBus and CANBus (optional) protocols and can be connected in parallel, thanks to MEAN WELLs ‘current sharing’ function. 

The DRP/DBR-3200 series give you a high degree of design flexibility, with built-in functions including three stage programmable charging curves (DBR-3200), programmable output voltage and current, remote on/off control, auxiliary power, and hot swapping. 

Item Description Features
DRP-3200 Rack mount power supply Four units can be mounted in one rack
DRB-3200 Rack mount battery charger Four units can be mounted in one rack
DHP-12KU1T For DRP-3200 Maximum of 10 racks can be connected in parallel to deliver up to 128KW
DHB-12KU1T For DRB-3200


MEAN WELL DRP-3200 series power supplies
DRP-3200 Power Supply
DBR-3200 Battery Charger

CMU Controllers 

The existing RKP-CMU1 controller is a fully digitalised control/monitor controller with an integrated human-machine interface, remote control & monitoring via wired or wireless networks, plus fast reading system power data.  

The RKP-CMU1 has been designed to mount in 1U low profile 19” power shelf. It features programmable digital control and system monitoring, and is equipped with USB, RS-232 or Ethernet interfaces to connect to a local PC or laptop. The RKP-CMU1 records the time and date of the alarm/abnormal events, etc.  

MEN WELL RKP-CMU1 controller

RKP-CMU1 Controller / Monitor


RKP-1U Rack for Controller


Applications for Digitalised Power Supplies 

An integrated digitalised power supply is the best choice for high power applications. 

Integrated power control and monitoring, combined with unified power management result in hi energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs, as it is not necessary to have someone on site monitoring the power supplies. 

Digitalised power supplies also reduce the complexity of installation, wiring and maintenance. 
A fully integrated power system contains the following components: 

  • Power supply modules 

  • 19” rack for the power supplies 

  • RKP-CMU1 rack for the controllers 

  •  19” rackmount cabinet as shown 

MEAN WELL power system configuration

Examples of this type of application includes: 

  • Horticulture 

  • UV curing 

  • Laser processing 

  • UV sewage treatment 

  • Electric vehilce charging stations 

  • Burn-in aging systems.  

See the example horticultural application mentioned at the start of this blog post.  

Contact MEAN WELL Australia for further information on MEAN WELL’s new digiatalised rack mount power supplies. 

Author:  Dr. Leon Ku / Research and Development Dept at MEAN WELL
Editor: Stephen Lilley / Marketing Manager at ADM Systems