Approval Documentation for MEAN WELL Power Supplies

5 October 2021

You can easily request approval documentation for your MEAN WELL power supply by completing the Approval Document Request Form.

You will usually receive the required documents within 1 business day.  

Approvals for Power Supplies in Australia 

The first thing to note is that not all MEAN WELL power supplies carry the required approvals for import into Australia.  

The reason for this is that MEAN WELL is a global manufacturer of power supplies, producing more than 55 million units per year. Sometimes a power supply that is approved for one country cannot meet the requirements for Australia due to a conflict between the two countries standards.  

Therefore, we recommend Australian customers only use MEAN WELL power supplies that are listed on the MEAN WELL Australia website.  

Australian Electrical Safety Certification 

Power supplies produced by MEAN WELL will fall into either one of two categories in Australia: 

  • Level 1 In Scope Electrical Equipment 
  • Level 3 In Scope Electrical Equipment 

Level 1 equipment includes power supplies that have been designed to be used as a component inside a piece of finished equipment. For example, enclosed power supplies, PCB mount modules, built-in battery chargers and open frame power supplies. 

MEAN WELL RSP-320 Enclosed Power Supply
Enclosed Power Supply


MEAN WELL IRM-30 Power Supply PCB Module
PCB Module


Level 3 equipment includes power supplies that are plugged directly into a GPO power point and are external to the item that it is powering. Some examples are plug packs, desk top power adapters, and battery chargers.  

MEAN WELL HLG-320H-12 LED Driver
LED Driver


MEAN WELL GST40A Desk Top Power Adapter
Power Adapter



The way the power supply is intended to be used can determine how it is classed. 

Level 3 electrical equipment MUST carry an Australian Electrical safety certificate.  

Although it is not necessary for Level 1 power supplies to have an Australian electrical safety certificate, the importer must be able to provide documentation that shows that it is electrically safe, when used in the manner that it was intended.  

You must use a power supply with the correct level of certification for your project. For example, if you want to use a battery charger that will be used externally from the equipment is powering, you cannot use a built-in battery charger.  

Although Australia has national electrical safety standards it is each state or territory that is responsible for issuing safety certificates and enforcing the regulations.  

EMC Regulations in Australia 

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is the Federal Government Authority responsible for product compliance regulation when it comes to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) regulations.  

Both Level 1 and Level 3 power supplies need to comply with ACMA’s EMC regulations. Importers must be able to provide test reports that show the power supply complies with ACMA’s regulations, and the importer must be registered as a responsible supplier in Australia.  

The RCM Mark 

The RCM mark is Australia’s combined Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM).  

The RCM mark indicates that the power supply complies with the appropriate electrical safety regulations and EMC requirements.  

There is a perception that the RCM mark is only to be applied to Level 3 In Scope electrical equipment. This is not the case. It should be displayed on both Level 3 and Level 1 power supplies.  

Minimum Energy Performance Standards 

Plug packs and desk top adapters must also comply with Australia's Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS). 

The minimum performance level accepted in Australia is level III, most MEAN WELL plug packs and desk top adapters meet Level VI, which is a higher level of efficiency. 

The MEPs level is indicated in roman numerals in a circle.  

Importers are Responsible under the Law 

Under Australian law if a product is not manufactured in Australia, it is the importer who is responsible for ensuring a product is fully compliant with all regulatory requirements.  

If you buy your MEAN WELL power supplies from an overseas supplier, then this means it is you who is responsible.  

Be careful when ordering online. Some overseas sellers have set up websites with .au domain names. If you buy from one of these, you are still deemed to be the importer. Check the supplier has a registered office in Australia, an Australian phone number, and that they are receiving the product into their Australian warehouse.  

Please contact MEAN WELL Australia, if you would like advice on where you reliably buy MEAN WELL power supplies with the necessary approvals for Australia.